Friday, July 31, 2009

Jamnagar City News - Akhand Non Stop Ram dhun Bala Hanuman Temple

Non Stop Ram Dhun completes 45 years in Jamnagar City

Jamnagar also known as “Chhoti Kashi” has something to cheer about with its record-setting `Shri Bala Hanuman’ temple located near Lakhota Lake in the heart of Jamnagar city. Its Akhand Ram Dhun today completes 45 years of non-stop recital.

This record of Ram dhun began on the very day when the temple was consecrated on August 1,1964 by late Sant Prembhikshuji Maharaj at 7.30pm. It was the maharaj and his handful of devotes who uttered the famous first line of akhand Ram dhun “Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram” in the first ever utterances during its never ending marathon journey.

Akhand Ram dhun after completing its 45th year today evening is entering its 46th year tomorrow(August 1, 2009).

Singing paeans of Lord Ram also involves mind-boggling statistics. From the day it started on August 1,1964 until the end of Friday today it has been recited incessantly 47,30,40,000 times in a span of 16,435 days totalling 45 years.

Twice the Shri Bala Hanuman temple found its pride of place in the Guinness Book of Records during 1982 and 1988 for this achievement.

It is amazing that in a minute where 20 dhuns are sung by the ever rotating assembly of devotees works out to be 1,200 in an hour and 28,800 in a day spiraling to 1,05,12,000 in 365 days or 47,30,40,000 in 45 years to the end of this day.

What is indeed surprising is that the Ram dhun had never ceased even during natural calamities like cyclones, famine or earthquakes or during wars.

The Bala Hanuman temple`s trustee Jaysukhbhai Gusani said that the ‘Maha aarti’ will be of 46 lamps to be lit later tomorrow evening (August 1, 2009) to commemorate the non-stop singing of Ram dhun as it enters its 46th year.

He said with Maharajshri`s blessings the Akhand Ram dhun continues in other cities as well like Porbandar where it began on May 12, 1967, Dwarka(December 12,1967), Muzzaffarpur in Bihar (January 20,1976), Rajkot(April 22,1984), Junagadh(August 15,1996) and in Mahuva of Bhavnagar district(April 22,1997).

Wonders of Akhand Ram Dhun

01-8-1964--------------------------------------Akhand Ram Dhun started

31-7-2009--------------------------------------Ram Dhun completes 45th year

01-8-2009--------------------------------------Enters 46th year

16,435 dhuns------------------------------------At end of its 45th year.

3,94,440-----------------------------------------Hours completed in 45 years

2,36,66,400--------------------------------------Total minutes in 45 years

20 dhuns-----------------------------------------Sung in one minute.

1200 dhuns--------------------------------------in one hour.

28,800 dhuns------------------------------------in one day

01,05,12,000 dhuns-----------------------------in one year

47,30,40,000dhuns-----------------------------sung in 45 years as on the end of July 30, 2009

Guinness Book of World Record acknowledged this achievement twice in 1982 and 1988

Even during war, cyclones, famine, earthquake dhun never stopped.

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