Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jamnagar City News Gujarat India - Richard Hyde,UK Deputy High Commissioner

UK Deputy High Commissioner in search of his roots in India.

For Richard Hyde, the head of the newly-opened British Deputy High Commission here, his mission in India also includes a search of his roots.

Hyde's grandfather was born in Jamnagar in Gujarat and his father lived in Goa before moving to the UK, making him a person of Indian origin, though he was born in Britain.

And now he plans to visit
Goa and Gujarat to see if he can find his extended family members in the two states.

"My father did not spend much time in Goa as a child. He left India when he was 15.

He was blind as well and left India for education. The rest of his immediate family - brothers, sisters and parents - also left after some years," Hyde said.

He said he is keen on searching for his cousins. "But the problem is they moved around as well.

My father's sister was born in
Mumbai and brother was born in Karachi. He (my father) was born in Dhaka.

So it was a transient family."
Hyde headed the British Trade Office here and in Hyderabad in the past two years, but did not get time to visit Goa and Gujarat because of hectic work.

"My family keeps telling me I must go. I plan to go with the family to Goa soon. I have committed to my family. I hope to find my roots. I need to go to Jamnagar also," he said.

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