Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sir Sayajirao General Hospital Vadodara Jamnagar Surat City News Gujarat India

Sir Sayajirao General Hospital Vadodara to train small hospital nurses in new born care.

Nurses working in small hospitals or clinics, public health centers and district hospitals will be trained in the best medical practices of handling new born babies by the pediatric department of
SSG hospital Vadodara City.

The department is among the three selected by state health department to offer the one-month training.

The first batch will commence in a month's time, with 10 nurses sent by authorities from state health department.

The module of All India Institute of Medical Sciences will be followed for nurses training program. It will be on-the-job learning curriculum in which nurses will practice with on-duty nurses in the department to get hands on experience.

"Condition of new-born deteriorates very fast and if nurses are trained to handle emergencies then incidence of mortality can be reduced considerably. By the time they get cases of sick new-born to city or government hospitals, the likelihood of survival decreases. So this programme will make nurses assisting pediatric doctors in smaller hospitals and clinics experts in handling such cases," said head of pediatric department Dr Bakul Javadekar.

The course will help nurses to handle neo natal intensive care unit equipment as well cases. It will also teach nurses on ways to assist doctors in all procedures, nursing care of new born as well as maintaining records of neo natal cases.

"Once trained, these nurses would be able to handle simple illness at the health center or hospital instead of bringing them to bigger hospitals in the city. This will help smaller health centers to cater to medical needs by making efficient use of existing resources," added Javadekar.

The three pediatric departments of government hospitals selected by the state government are from Surat City, Jamnagar City and Vadodara City.

"In the first phase, only three departments have been selected. But in future, other departments of various government hospitals in the state will also be included.

Our department is already running medical training programme and second batch for the same will begin soon," Javadekar said.

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