Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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Female child births on decline in Jamnagar district.

The male-female ratio in Jamnagar city and district is dipping, a joint survey of two years of birth rates undertaken by Jamnagar district panchayat and a local NGO has revealed. This startling finding despite the state government's "Beti Bachao" campaign is a wake-up call for the district.

In five talukas of Jamnagar district, male-female birth ratio is declining. In Jamnagar in the year 2007-08, it was 932 girls to 1,000 boys whereas in the year 2008-09 it has gone down to 884. In Dhrol taluka, the year 2007-08 saw the ratio as 891: 1,000 which has further dipped to 855 in the year 2008-09 the survey says.

The picture is grim in Jodiya as well where, in 2007-08 the survey showed 914 female children were born against a thousand boys, but the 2008-09 survey shows a sharp fall to 822.

Kalawad, there were 845 girl child births in 2007-08 which is only 839 in the year 2008-09. Similarly, in Bhanvad where in the year 2007-08 there were 921 female child births which went down to 913 in 2008-09.

Amrut Somaiya of Okha Sarvodaya Mahila Mandal expressed concern about the situation. "We must wake up," she says, adding: "As per the situation today, the balance is tipped by 150 to 200 female births less. However, proper action needs to be taken before the situation goes out of the hand."

Ila Vakhariya of Chetna in Ahmedabad City, who recently visited Jamnagar, also expressed her concern. "We must not blame only the husband for the female feticide as the mother who is allowing abortion is equally at fault. We must also realize that it is because of these declining female population, that crimes like rape is taking place in society." Due to lesser female births, the social structure of a society, including culture and social tradition, is also in danger.

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