Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jamnagar Ayurvedic College News Gujarat India

The anatomy room at the Vadodara Ayurvedic College has been gathering dust for the last one year, with the authorities struggling hard to arrange a corpse for practical classes. In the absence of a corpse, the students missed practical demonstration of human anatomy this year.

M R Pandya, in-charge administrative officer, said: “In practical classes, the students dissect the corpse and understand the anatomy. However, this year we could not conduct the classes as no corpse was sanctioned to us.”

He added that last year they had received a corpse from Jamnagar City, which was coordinated by the Jamnagar Ayurvedic Medical College. “This year, they could not send it due to some technical problem. After no other Ayurvedic college could help us, we approached the Sir Sayajirao General Hospital(SSG) but they refused to provide a corpse,” Pandya said.

First-year students of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) are supposed to take up a subject on human anatomy as a part of the curriculum.

Anatomy professor Kiran Raj said: “We had videos of dissections of previous years, which were used this year for teaching. But a video cannot match the experience of carrying out real dissections.”

Raj added: “We are not sure what will happen the next year. But if we get a corpse, we will hold integrated practical sessions; otherwise we will have to carry on with the videos.”

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